MAXIMAGO is the leading solution architect for very high-quality software solutions. We support your digitalization process from the strategic positioning of a product to the conception, the visual design, the finished implementation with latest technologies up to market launch.


B2B-Software simple like apps

Business-Software has to work as easy as an app because that means less training effort and supports highly efficient value.

Proved software solutions in companies are, however, not as easy as small apps: There are unchangeable interfaces to machines and databases. There are global company strategies and stakeholder who would also like to have a say.

With our competence spectrum from specialist concept up to technical implementation we help you with all frame conditions to unerringly create an impressing product.


The exactly fitting function at the right time

Every user only needs the function which comlies with his current task, the concept and his skills. Nevertheless, many B2B applications amaze with a variey of functions. Instead of the wow-effect the user is mostly overstrained: he must find the right button and put the most reasonable work process together. That curbs and provokes failures.

Therefore, MAXIMAGO software reduces to the essential: the right function at the right time. Not more and not less.

Software works where the user needs it

Modern computer workstations are no longer chained to the desk: work takes place in work halls, helicopters, patient rooms and conference rooms. On laptops, tablets, smartphone and AR-glasses. The technology for it is already existing. Your application should be, too – customized to the context.

For this reason MAXIMAGO thinks in hardware: software works where the user needs it. At the power plant as well as in the Office.


Our outstanding projects are among others a central control for offshore windparks, a communication application for intelligence services, a software construction kit in the automobile context and an extensive data platform solution for plant designers -, operator and developer.

Among others RWE, Siemens, Microsoft, Rohde & Schwarz and ifm trust in us.

Die gepunktete Karte zeigt mit orangenen Punkten die Standorte der MAXIMAGO-Kunden. In Lünen, Nordrhein-Westfalen ist das Logo des Softwareunternehmens als Unternehmensstandort zu sehen.


Der Gipfelstürmer NRW 2012 zeichnete die beste Neugründung der Jahre 2007 bis 2012 aus. Damals gewann MAXIMAGO.

Summiteers NRW

The „Gipfelstürmer NRW” is the reward for the most innovative and most successful start-up from 2007 to 2012.

Family-friendly employer

Family friendliness is part of our DNA. That is why we are all the more pleased when our efforts are certified by experts.

Die Auszeichnung NRW Wirtschaft im Wandel zeichnet Unternehmen aus, die sich aktiv am Wirtschaftswandel in NRW beteiligen. MAXIMAGO erhielt den Preis 2018.

Changing Economy

The structural change pioneers in NRW are honored with the „NRW Wirtschaft im Wandel“ award every 2 years.


If you have any further questions about MAXIMAGO and our mode of operation I am your contact person.

Strategic Project Manager

André Ufer

+49 231 58 69 67 41


    The Deep Dive into MAXIMAGO

    Our brochure is the Deep Dive into MAXIMAGO: Learn more about current customer projects, our self-conception in software development and personnel management and a lot more!

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