Deep Insights
Tour 2019

The Deep Insights Tour is your roadshow in cases of innovative software development: Within one afternoon MAXIMAGO offers an insight into the most important digitalization strategies and their implementation.  

The Deep Insights Tour consists of four half-hour lectures from the MAXIMAGO portfolio: Product Strategy, User Experience and Development. This year we focus the events on the topic „Artificial Intelligence“.

Profound know-how at first hand

The success formula of the roadshow is simple: Absolute customer focus. You can choose from several presentations, each of which takes about 30 minutes with a subsequent discussion. Your contact person André Ufer will support you in this.

Free of charge

The insight into digitalization of tomorrow is free of charge for you. We only need a room with presentation equipment and coffee flatrate. Our only condition: There must be at least ten participants – either from your team, but also community events and public events are possible.

What we gain from it

The Die Deep Insights Tour is, of course, no sales show. Our development and usability experts offer professional Deep Insights due to their real project experience. You will certainly learn something about our expertise. And that`s what we gain from it.  

Voices about the Deep Insights Tour 2018:

„We all have to deal with numerous products in every day life – each of them can simplify or complicate our life. The Deep Insights Tour has enriched us in several lecutures how we can implement user experience with our products in such a way that our users work with our products in a long-term and motivated way.“

Roland Hofstetter | Geschäftsführer | Diamant Software

„For me as a developer, the Deep Insights Tour has offered inspiring inspirations and valuable assistance for future tasks. We will directly implement a presented pattern for error-handling in our current project."

Christian Scheer | Anwendungsentwicklung | SIGNAL IDUNA Gruppe

„A new perspective, impulses for exciting methods and a fresh breezw – a colourful day for us entirely dominated by the advantages for a change of perspective into customer perspective.”

Sebastian Strzelczyk | Head of Research & Development | Vectron Systems AG

Our Topics 2019:
Artificial Intelligence and more

  • Product Strategy

A small step for man...
from software bolide to the app

The era of software bolides is over. Helpful B2B-applications are dividied into small apps in 2019 and the user only uses those he needs: Individually configured and tremendously efficient. In this session we show how the enterprise app platforms can also revolitionize your software landscape.

The four ingredients
for successful software

The recipe for success has exactly four ingredients: Apps, Mobile, user acceptance and visible high quality. Nutzerakzeptanz und sichtbare Hochwertigkeit. In this session our strategic project managers reveal how this conviction affects the future software development from the idea up to the roll-out.

  • User Experience

User acceptance brought to the point

The success and failure of a software is ultimately not decided by the product owner, developer or expert, but only by one: the user. To do this, its real needs must be met at the right time: software must help, not require more work and also be fun. These principles underpin the success of good user experience work.

Interfaces – in order that the human trusts the AI

Artificial intelligence is intended to reduce work, avoid unnecessary work steps and thus increase efficiency. But people are not machines, and many users have a legitimate fear of losing their autonomy and being patronized by systems. With which concepts UX creates acceptance and trust, is revealed in this session.

The forgotten target groups of UX

Target groups, deployment scenarios and application cases: These three starting points are the focus of classic UX conception, forgetting sales and marketing. User experience is the boost for your sales. This session shows the possibilities: Trade fair demos optimized for 60 seconds, perfect screens for sales calls and much more.

  • Software Development

Is Low Code a panacea?

The time of the standard software is over: each function should be configured and optimized for the individual application case. This desire for excessive individualization and ever shorter release cycles poses a problem for the industry: there are not enough developers to handle these tasks. This session reveals whether low-code generators and their “Configuring rather than programming” credo are the panacea.

The first four steps to AI-usage

Persuasive effort: If teams want to use AI in software, code strategic work is needed even before the first line: the starting position and objectives must be clear, the concept must be accurate and the technical entry must take away the fear, to also pick up the sceptics. This session reveals how MAXIMAGO managed the entry.

That`s why AI promises digital efficiency

Artificial intelligence is no less than the revolution of software development: the user receives efficient technology through automation, while the software optimizes its functionalities. Our software engineers reveal best practices and hurdles in everyday use of intelligent software.


25 events, 1.500 visitors

Since the beginning of the Deep Insights Tour we have invited numerous Project Manager, Developer and UX Designers to inform about current trends in software development. Over the years a sizeable list of experts could be filled. Find a choice of our contacts here:

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