The Smart Enterprise App Platform

„Low Code” is past, today it`s „Smart Code”. ORGENIC offers all you need to model your work places precisely – for example a recruiting process or a production way in industry 4.0. Manual programming only takes place where unlimited flexibility is needed: With your individual professionality.

ORGENIC is the easiest way into the world of Enterprise Apps.

Der Screenshot zeigt links den Business Modeller von Orgenic und Template Editor auf der rechten Seite


Flexible Development In High Speed

Only develop what has to be developed individually: your individual professional business logic. You will be led through everything else by ORGENIC.

The bluish-black screenshot shows the start-up screen of the enterprise app platform ORGENIC. The tasks are displayed as hexagons depending on priority with a transparency effect.

Der schwarz-blaue Screenshot zeigt die Startoberfläche der Enterprise App Platform ORGENIC. Die Aufgaben sind als Hexagone nach Priorität mit einem Transparenz-Effekt dargestellt.


Impressing Design Out-Of-The-Box

Clear user guidance and motivating aesthetic. Already the ORGENIC-theme offers impressing forward-looking interfaces.


Smooth Integration Of Your Existing Systems

Make ORGENIC your new, efficient and motivating face of your existing systems by transforming your complex software applications into small, lean apps.


  • The Workflow-Modeler for the linking of application parts step by step.

  • The Task-Manager for efficient processes and clear user guidance.

  • Integrated Development Surrounding to start directly.

  • A Search Center which guarantees to find every data set across all applications.

  • Individual Backend Adapter to implement all your existing Systems.

  • Template-Components to use components several times.


If you have any further questions about MAXIMAGO and our mode of operation I am your contact person.

Strategic Project Manager

André Ufer

+49 231 58 69 67 41