MAXIMAGO designs, creates and develops innovation for software interfaces. With prototypes which bring visions to life. With creative UX concepts and impressing interface design. And the whole poured into finished technical components. Either in form of an interface construction kit or as a whole application framework along with client architecture.


Innovation experience brought to the point

Be prepared for creeps: Our innovation prototypes encapsulate the idea of a new software and make it come alive.

Thus, it is the fastest way to verify visionary ideas. Users may be involved into feedback loops and mangement can be convinced. Not to forget the marketing departments which are pleased with outstanding demonstrations on fairs.


Inspire your users targeted

Firstly: The requirement analysis. We identify the requirements of your customers, users and stakeholders with proven methodology. Meeting the point efficiently not excessively bureaucratic.

Secondly: Creative guiding-principle for your product. Let yourself be inspired by fresh ideas. Surprises guaranteed.

Thirdly: Clickable mockups. With particular attention to technical feasibility. One of the most important instruments for it: „Patterns“.

Fourthly: Verification. User Acceptance Test and Co. in order that the success is guaranteed.


Directly implementable, individual controls, layouts and designs

We do not only design, we also bring our ideas technically to the strett. With up-to-date technology at the highest level.

For example in the form of an individual „Interface Frameworks“, a construction kit from which developer can design to assemble views…..completely without have to think about interface design or usability.


Common concepts and efficiency for your product range

An individual application framework takes the efficiency and consistency of your applicatin to the next level because your developers „only“ implement apps into the once by us created platform and you can completely concentrate on your business consistency.  

Everything else – e.g. Interface Design, View Layouts, but also technical functionality like navigation, assistance systems and prepared data interfaces – is already available.


If you have any further questions about MAXIMAGO and our mode of operation I am your contact person.

Strategic Project Manager

André Ufer

+49 231 58 69 67 41