We deliver software concepts and designs, but we also implement them. For example as a customized design system.

It includes the basic philosophy of your interface design, a description of all the individual elements ("patterns"), an exact documentation of behavior and usage rules, as well as the fully implemented technical components.


Your Individual Interface Design as a Modular System

Interface Design delivered as a complete kit: Nothing is more efficient for your application.

Your developers use the fully implemented components and simply assemble the views from styles, controls, layout containers and completely implemented view structures.


Best Documentation with Patterns

The use of components could not be easier: Our documentation includes a "pattern" definition, which describes all elements of the construction kit from color to controls to complete view setups. This description includes behavior, design and purpose. Nothing can go wrong.

Die zweigeteilte Graphik zeigt auf der linken Seite den Entwurf der Predictive-Maintenance-Software, auf der rechten Seite wird die fertige Software gezeigt.


The Library as a Blueprint
for Your Developers

A new interface usually means new technology as well. Bypass the steep learning curve and use your fully implemented design system as a boost for your developers.

Expanding the existing library is easy and your teams can approach piece by piece of matter.


Our Experience
Makes the Difference

The first steps with new technologies are always painful. The Good: We have all made mistakes before and do not attach importance to repeat it.

Benefit from our experience of dozens of implemented interfaces.

Die Graphik zeigt in vier Quadraten die Kennzahlen des Interface-Spezialisten MAXIMAGO: Zufriedene Kunden, Erfahrung in Jahren, Erfolgreiche Projekte und geführte Workshops

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