Direction Finding System

Together with the Rohde & Schwarz we have developed a clearly understandable, intuitive GUI fort he new generation of Air Traffic Control Direction Finding Systems reduced to the most important statements and information.

Rohde & Schwarz ATC

Direction Finding System for Air Traffic Control (ATC) provide air traffic controller with the aircraft`s approaching direction based on the communication between tower and pilot. Airport without radar system get an additional guidance and can support small aircrafts with the navigation. Bigger airports get the approaching direction additionally displayed on the radar image which allows a faster and safer identification of the radioing aircraft. Confusions of aircrafts or communication misunderstandings with other pilots are recognized and clarified immediately.  

More than 100 civil and military airports use direction finding systems by Rohde & Schwarz; one customer, inter alia, is the German Air Traffic Control (DFS).  is als 100 zivile und militärische Flughäfen setzen auf Peilsysteme von Rohde & Schwarz; zu den Kunden gehört unter anderem die Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS). For more than 80 years, Rohde & Schwarz has stood for quality, precision and innovation in all areas of wireless communication. Strategic pillars include secure communication and radio monitoring and location.


Our mission for a new ATC-direction finding generation is: strategic, conceptual and technical support for the structure of a consistent software landscape to continue the proven quality of the past in the innovation of tomorrow.

The concrete challenge was to reduce the GUI to few clear statements and to prioritize the forwarding of information to the user.  A prime example of this are information like activities of different radio and emergency channels, direction displays of aircrafts with wireless communication as well as condition and configuration of hard- and software.


  • Reduced surface for maximum focus on the task field, especially targeted on the needs o fair controllers

  • Role concept of dynamic UI for addressing of user rights and skills

  • Comprehensible animations


  • Day and night theme

  • Touchable UI for 10“- monitors

  • Reliable and stable hardware communication

  • Sustainable framework for subsequent expansion as well as companion products


Challenges and solutions

In order to understand the technical details of aeronautical matters in the necessary depth, we have used our AIM methodology for integration and requirements analysis. To this end, we have engaged in dialogue with end customers, have worked intensively on the functioning of air traffic control and have drawn on many years of experience with existing ATC systems.

The challenge from a technical point of view is that the cooperation of hardware and software must be particularly reliable and fail-safe in this environment. In close contact with the customer, we have therefore established stable communication channels between the GUI and the backend developed by Rohde & Schwarz, with the help of the network library ZeroMQ.