„SiShell” – The Application Framework

SiShell is an application framework which is used by Siemens to develop diverse applications efficiently.  Thereby the framework covers traditional desktop requirements as well as mobile, forward-looking scenarios. There are versions also in WPF and HTML5 / JavaScript.  

Developing without obstacles

The great thing about SiShell is that it provides all recurring components for application development centrally. For example, application developers no longer have to worry about modular client architectures, navigation, user interface elements or design aspects.

The tool box

  • The frame system with navigation / routing and menu

  • A central assistance system, synchronized with company specific processes and data sources

  • A basic concept and basis implementation for arbitrary application components („Apps“)

  • Authentification and authorization

  • User-Interface-Elements like controls and icons

  • Complete User-Interface-Layouts like a Master/Detail-View

Illustration: A sample application with a Master/Detail-structure (HTML5)

Entwickeln mit der SiShell

An application developer with the task of developing a new application can now concentrate completely on the actual application domain and business logic. As a result, all he has to do is this:

  • Create a new application on the basis of numerous sample apps and register in SiShell: the integration into the menues and the startscreen is done automatically

  • Compose and configure the views of the application from existing layout or base controls. A master/detail view thus consists only of very few lines of code (see Figure 3). All layout mechanisms (such as opening and closing areas) and design elements are automatically provided

  • Providing data (e.g., from a RESTful service) and implementing the necessary business logic

On the basis of the SiShell application framework, numerous new products and new developments of existing products have been developed at Siemens. One of these products is SIPORT, a global access control system: SIPORT – more comfortable than ever before.

„Sishell finally enables lasting synergy effects between our product teams. When a team develops an extension, others can use it directly and save time. End-users also benefit from an appealing design across products and the same operating principles.”

Rainer Falle, Innovationsmanager Siemens AG

The secret of success:
Added value for everybody

The provision of this central application framework provides advantages and added value for all participants. The profiteers are the development, product management, users and operators of the software.

Software provider

Also the software provider profit from SiShell. Using Sishell on the Web (HTML5/Javascript) has the following advantages:

  • A simpler deployment of applications since no installation is necessary anymore

  • Updates and bugfixes can be applied automatically without implementing complex installation routines

  • Consistent user interfaces and intuitive handling across product boundaries drastically reduce training and training costs


The most ambitious software product is always as successful as the acceptance and satisfaction of end users. And also here SiShell shows its strengths:

  • An optimized intuitive operating concept to support the users` daily works and tasks with the best possible support

  • An aesthetic and unique design of the entire application

  • Touch capability of all interface components to support as many devices and form factors as possible (iPad or Microsoft Surface)


Besides the already mentioned advantages the following added values for application developers result:

  • Increased efficiency and no redundant developments by a complete „tool box”

  • Risik minimization despite the use of latest technology: Detailed best practices and a complete software architecture provide a solid basis for all possible applications.

  • Minimized learning curve for new technologies (like e.g. HTML5): Sample implementations help with the integration of own requirements

  • New quality standard through central warning of all components: The core is maintained centrally and all projects benefit automatically from new Updates and Bugfixes.

  • Future security: The core concepts can be developed centrally

  • Profitable synergies between product groups: If a new component is needed and developed in a product, it can flow back into the core and is available to others


Die SiShell bringt nicht nur enorme Vorteile für die Entwicklung mit sich, sondern bietet auch auf Produktmanagement-Ebene klare Mehrwerte:

  • Vereinheitlichung und Harmonisierung von oftmals sehr heterogenen Softwareprodukten

  • Drastische Beschleunigung von Release-Zyklen

  • Ausschöpfen der Möglichkeiten aktuellster Technologien bei gleichzeitiger Risikominimierung

  • Konzentration auf Konzeption des fachlichen Mehrwertes des jeweiligen Produktes