As a people-centered software company we lead our customers through the whole process of the latest software development. Convince yourself about our services.


Convinced customers through product modeling

Our Workshop-Formats emerge your visions. We jointly detect real unique selling points with experienced methodology. This leads to product concepts which clearly stand out of the market.


Conception for enthusiastic and efficient users

We deliver everything that enthusiastic users need: Efficient operating concepts which are characterized by the reduction to the essential. Motivational design which makes the application an experience. No matter whether you use terminal devices, tablets, desktops or machines.

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It`s not easy to find the right balance between standardized procedure for requirements analysis and wild creativity. Our method „AIM“ ensures a systematical answer. Learn more about AIM.

Learn more about AIM


Design as real software

We develop real software out of interface concepts as individual interface framework consisting of all control and layout components. Or inclusive client architecture so that you only need to add the display and the function module. Alternatively, as full client – and your developer focus completely on the backend. The choice is up to you!

Did you know?

The interface between conception and development is the most delicate point in the development of innovative interfaces. Read more about the kind of methodology we use to meet this challenge: „Patterns: Structural interface between UX und development”


Web Component Library
„Orgenic UI”

ORGENIC UI is a steadily growing set of web components particularly focusing on optimal User Experience (UX) and modern design. The library is MIT licensed and obviously Open Source.

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If you have any further questions about MAXIMAGO and our mode of operation I am your contact person.

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